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  • What is the validity of tickets during holidays and weekends?
The validity of tickets during holidays and weekends is 90 minutes, with exception of tourist tickets and 15-minute tickets.
  • Where can I pay the fine for travelling without a valid ticket?
The fine for not travelling without a valid ticket can be paid directly to the fare inspector, by bank transfer or cash to the cashier at Olejkárska 1 or Hodžovo sq. (in the underpass). Further information can be found under Checking and control section.
  • What documents and identification is required in order to obtain a prepaid ticket?
In order to obtain a prepaid ticket, a filled and signed application form is necessary along with a 3 x 3,5 mm photography . The form can be found in the selected DPB a.s. stands.
  • What documents and identification is required in order to obtain student or senior prepaid ticket?
In order to obtain a student prepaid ticket a valid form of attendance is necessary.Further information and the required form can be found under the section Prepaid ticket.
  • I would like to report a non-operational ticket machine or missing/damaged timetable?
Please report missing or damaged timetables to us on +421 2 5950 1125 or via e-mail: zcp@dpb.sk And non-operational ticket machines on +421 2 5950 1476 (6am-2pm), +421 2 5296 7751 (2pm-6am), e-mail: automaty@dpb.sk.
  • I left my prepaid ticket at home and I received a fine. What can I do?
In such case, it is necessary to present the prepaid ticket with a validity longer than 30 days, to the cashier, along with a valid ID. A processing fee of 5 EUR is charged.
  • Do I have to pay for oversized baggage?
The following baggage is subject to extra charge:
  • baggage with size exceeding 30x40x60 cm,
  • objects with a barrel shape with length exceeding 150 cm with diameter exceeding 20 cm,
  • board shaped objects exceeding 5x80x100 cm.
The extra fare is set pursuant to Public transportation tariff schedule at 0,25 EUR (discounted 15 minute ticket for one trip) or 0,35 EUR (discounted 60 minute ticket for one trip).
  • Am I allowed to transport a bicycle and if so under what conditions?
A bicycle can only be transported in the vehicles during weekends and non-working days from 06:00 am to 08:00 pm and only when the situation in the vehicle enables it. No more than 2 bicycles can be transported in one vehicle at any one time. The transport of bicycles is possible in all public transit vehicles in Bratislava and is free of charge.
  • How can I report inappropriate behaviour of drivers or fare inspectors?
In case of complaints, please contact tel. +421 2 5950 1219, fax. +421 2 5950 1400,
e-mail: vnutorna.kontrola@dpb.sk