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SMS Ticket

Bratislava Transport Co., plc (DPB a.s.) offers all the citizens of Bratislava and passengers of public transport (MHD) a possibility to use an electronic SMS ticket. This modern and flexible service is aimed to raise the comfort of travelling. To buy a ticket, passenger must send a blank message to the particular number, according to following:

time validity              price               phone number

40 mins                       1,0 €                1140

70 mins                       1,30 €             1100

24 hrs                         4,50 €             1124

- The SMS ticket must be bought before boarding the vehicle (takes approximately 2 minutes)
- The passenger must receive the SMS ticket before boarding the vehicle, otherwise is invalid
- SMS ticket is valid on night lines as well
- Customer support hotline 0800 10 1100
- The SMS ticket service is available to post-paid clients of all Slovak mobile operators and to pre-paid clients of T-Mobile SK, Orange SK and O2 SK.
 - A digital receipt can be issued

Terms, fees and conditions of use of the electronic fare obtained via mobile communication device in the form of sms are included in the Public transportation tariff schedule.