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Checking and control

Checks of tickets and prepaid tickets are carried out by fare inspectors commissioned by DPB a.s. to perform such control. The fare inspector must visibly bear ID card at all times.  

The passenger is obliged to present a valid ticket or prepaid ticket, or in case of discounted ticket a document entitling the person to such discount, for control upon request from the fare inspector.

Should the passenger be unable to present himself with a valid ticket, the passenger is obliged to pay a fine amounting up to 100x the rate of basic tariff either immediately or by presenting all the information necessary for requisition of the fine and fare to the inspector. Should the passenger refuse or be unable to present himself with the required personal data, he or she is obliged to undergo all steps necessary to obtain and verify his or her identity by the police.

The fine according to the tariff:

  • payment of fine within 5 working days - 50,- EUR plus 0,70 EUR for the ticket
  • payment of fine from 6th to 30th calendar day - 70,- EUR plus 0,70 EUR for the ticket

The fine can be paid:

  • in the vehicle to the fare inspector - proof of payment of fine
  • to the cashier at Olejkárska street No. 1, no earlier than 48 hours in the working week
  • bank transfer account no. 48009012/0200, variable symbol: fine no., description: name and surname

If the passenger holds a valid prepaid ticket or a document entitling the holder to a discount, but is unable to present himself with such, he or she may present it (along with a valid ID) later at the fine office of DPB, a.s. After the presented documents are verified, the passenger is required to pay a processing fee of 5,- EUR.

In case the issued fine is not paid in the set amount within the specified period, DPB a.s. enforces the claim through a solicitor, thus adding the solicitor’s fees to the amount due.