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Handling of complaints

Under the 9/2010 Coll. Complaints Act effective as of 1 February 2010, DPB a.s. is no longer obliged to handle anonymous complaints. Under the abovementioned act, any complaint lacking the essential parts as required by Article 5 section 2 of the Complaints Act, is considered anonymous, quoting “the complaint must contain name, surname, address of permanent residence or temporary residence of the person filing the complaint. Shall the complaint be filed by legal entity, the complaint must contain business name and registered seat, name and surname of the person representing it. Complaint in writing must be signed by the person filing it. Complaint filed via email with verified digital signature is considered a complaint in writing. Complaint filed via email without a verified digital signature is considered filed in writing only under the condition that the person filing it amends it with a written signature within five days.

The controlling department of DPB a.s. has jurisdiction in rem pursuant to the Complaints Act and is obliged to handle complaints containing essential parts as required by the law, within 60 days.  

The subject of the complaint must be clearly stated in the complaint and therefore it is necessary to include the following:

  • where the incident took place (name of the bus stop, street, direction of the line etc.)
  • when the incident took place (date, hour, minute)
  • line number or (if possible) 4-digit vehicle number
  • description of the incident
  • (if possible) ID of an eyewitness of the incident
  • other information that the person filing the complaint is willing and able to disclose 

The address for filing the complaints:

Dopravný podnik Bratislava a.s.
Oddelenie kontroly
Olejkárska 1
814 52  Bratislava 1
e-mail: vnutorna.kontrola@dpb.sk