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Access to information

Dopravný podnik Bratislava a.s. (Public transit company Bratislava, joint stock company) is pursuant to Article 2 section 3 of the Free Access to Information Act (211/2000 Coll.) obliged to disclose information only concerning the financial management of public funds, handling of public property, property of higher territorial units or property of municipality, environment, tasks and expert services concerning the environment and information concerning the provisions of contracts and fulfillment of contractual obligations. Access to information is limited pursuant to Article 8 to 11 of the abovementioned act under the conditions stated in Article 12.

The person requesting information may file the request in writing either in person or by mail. The address of the registry is Olejkárska 1.
It is also possible to file requests directly to legal department in person during the following office hours:

  • Tuesday: 9am - 2pm (11:30to 12:00 reserved for lunch break)
  • Thursday: 9am - 2pm (11:30to 12:00 reserved for lunch break)

The information may be disclosed in person, by access to files, in the form of printout or copies of documents, by phone, fax or email at

The request must contain all essential parts as required by Article 14 section 2 of the abovementioned act. In case of absence of such, the person requesting information shall be notified and prompted to amend and validate such request to which a period of at least 7 days is provided.

Payment of fees:

  • The fees (costs associated with processing of the request based on the method of disclosure of information, number of letters, envelope in case of delivery by mail, postage ), billed according to the Schedule of charges, can be paid directly to the cashier on Olejkárska st. or by money order, or in the form of payment on delivery.
  • DPB, a.s. bears the costs of disclosing information to persons with disability

Disclosure of information - schedule of charges (PDF)