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History of transport in the city

Year by year:

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23rd of March – an engineer from Vienna Nicolaus Markovits submitted design documentation of city horse railway in Bratislava to the directorate of Royal Ugrian state railways. It should have connected Danube quay with the horse railway line Bratislava – Trnava, owned by Royal Ugrian state railways, via the city to the station of Austrian state railways.
2nd of June – Alexander Werner got the permission to commence advance works on 22nd of November from the Ugrian department of Trade - An Administrative inspection to set the building conditions was conducted at the main line. (Quay – Station).
9th of July – Based on city council decision a contract between city and companies (Lindheim and Vienna – Ganz and Budapest) has been signed.
23rd of July - Administrative inspection at junction lines – down Špitálská street to Filiálna station (Karadžičova) – down Barossova street (Štúrova street) and Justiho (Dostojevského) rad to Novomestská street.
19th of September - A license under no. 58271/III authorizing development and operation of electrified street railway in the territory of Free Royal city Prešporok was issued in Budapest.
2nd of August - Testing of engine room and own power plant is completed.
23rd of August – The last test run.
27th of August – Opening of the public transportation on the main line from Danube quay via SNP square and Štefániková street to former hotel Medveď (DAX).
December – Extension of the main line to the Main railway station.
January – Junction lines through Špitálska street and Barossova street were put into operation.
June – Stock company „Pozsonyi villamossagi reszvénytársaság“ – Electric corporation of Bratislava (BEÚS), with the capital stock 1 460 000 crowns is incorporated.
24th of February – Administrative inspection of a subsidiary line through Schöndorfská (Uhorská, today Obchodná street) and Krajinská (Radlinského) road to Račianske mýto, as well as construction of second track between Ružová street (Jesenského) and Suché mýto.
October – Opening of the secondary single-track line Michalská brána – Obchodná – Radlinského – Račianske mýto.
Merge of the line through Štúrova street with the line through Obchodná street to a semi-circular line Station Nové mesto – Dostojevského rad – Štúrova street – SNP sqare – Obchodná street – Radlinského street.
Construction of dual-track on the main line from Theare to present-day Nový bridge via former Promenade.
29th of December – Administrative inspection of the former line from Račianske mýto to factory Dynamit (todays terminal station Railway station Vinohrady).
19th of July – Service of Electric automobile line of Bratislava to Vydrická valley (trolleybus to Železná studnička) is launched.
2nd of July – III. amendment of the license deed for the secondary line to factory Dynamit with a conjunction through Endlicherova street is issued.
BEÚS increases its capital stock to 3 000 000 crowns.
2nd of May – Fire in the first wooden depot.
Ferroconcrete depot for 50 vehicles is finished (company Pittel and Brausewetter).
Agreement with local electric railway Bratislava – country border on joint use of tramlines on Ružová (Jesenského) and Barossova (Štúrova) street. Construction of a track loop.
1st of February – Grand opening of Electric local railway Bratislava – country border – Vienna.
5th of February – Opening of scheduled long-distance transportation at local railway Bratislava – Vienna.
15th of November – Opening of local transportation at local railway Bratislava – Petržalka – Kopčany.
BEÚS increases its capital stock to 4 700 000 crowns.
Shut-down of Electric automobile line of Bratislava service to Železná studnička in Vydrická valley.
Limiting transportation due to insufficient technological conditions and insufficient operatives to an absolute minimum.
31st of December 1918 – Shut-down of transportation at local electric railway across the Danube bridge.
27th of April – Total shut-down of transportation at local railway.
2nd of October – Reopening of the local transportation at local electric railway Bratislava – Petržalka-Kopčany.
Large restoration of trolley lines, points and vehicles.
21st of May – Reopening of long-distance transportation at local railway Bratislava – Vienna.
1st of May – BEÚS has under easy terms taken over the local electric railway Bratislava – country border.
14th of November – Record of elaborating a new agreement with the city.
December – Elaboration of investment programe of MHD (urban public transport).
Crisis in MHD culminates.
24th of January – Nomination of a committee to arrange a new agreement.
Second track was built from hotel DAX to Main station. Next track was built from Rybné square to Quay.
Reconstruction works on lines :Vitézova st. – Theatre – Štefánikova rd. – Republika sq. Loop of the local railway was rebuilt to a 3-track system.
BEÚS sold single-phase locomotive „Ewp 6“, which was redundant.
27th of July – Signing of a new contract with the city.
Second track is constructed on Špitálska street to the Hospital.
BEÚS signed an agreement with Západoslovenské elektrárne, stock company (ZSE)
20th of December – Application for a licence for scheduled personal bus transport was issued.
Transformation of 7 tow carriages (121 – 127) to powered carriages (101-107).
24th of January – Business license for nonscheduled operation of bus transport was issued.
29th of January – The company orders 11 buses altogether.
12th of March – Taking-off power from ZSE has begun.
10th of April – The company extends the validity of day tickets up to 22:00 (before only up to 21:00).
11th of April – License deed for scheduled personal bus transport was issued.
10th of May – Commencement of the first bus line „M“ Theatre – Grösslingova st. – Station Nové mesto. Electric railway line from Ministry (Šafárikovo sq.) to Station Nové mesto line „E“ is shut-down.
17th of May – Night service Main station – Hotel Savoy is launched.
13th of June – Bus line „N“: Main station – Valy – Filiálna station – Tehelné pole. is
30th of June – New bus depot for 20 vehicles as an extension to tram yard with the area of 760 meters sq.
5th of September Bus line „O“ from hospital to city butchery is launched.
21st of October – Bus line Bratislava – Biskupice is launched.
Bratislava – country border (BKH) performed a general service of two powered carriages.
One storey extension was built in Station Kopčany.  
1st of January – Change in tariff – zonal tickets.
23rd of April – Extension of the bus line „O“ from the hospital to city butchery.
15th of May – Nonscheduled bus transport to Železná studnička (15.5. – 15.10.)
1st of May – Bus line „P“: Hotel DAX – Lamačská rd. – Patrónka is launched.
12th of May – Temporary bus line Rybné sq. – Karlová Ves (waterworks) until 20.9.1929 is launched.
13th of June – Construction of second track on line State hospital – Filiálna station.
4th of September – Two new bus lines. „F“: Republika sq. – Dunajská – Febibská (Prievoz) and „L“: Republika sq. – Štúrova – Starý bridge – Petržalka are launched.
Commencing operation on a new line Vitézova st. – vila Lafranconi.
27. septembra – Extended service on line up to the border of the city towards Karlova Ves by line „Ck“ (2650 metres).
Shut-down of the bus line Bratislava – Biskupice.
BKH has transformed one tow carriage to a powered carriage.  
9th of February – Inaugural ride of six new powered carriages Studénka – Siemens (licence no. 201 – 206).
Extension of tram line „Cd“ to Karlová Ves: Karlova Ves – Dynamitka.
15th of November – Bus line „T“: Filiálna station – Trnavská – Masarykova kolónia (Dornkappeln) is launched. 
Powered carriages were equipped with specified safety cages pursuant to regulation of the Department of Railways.
1st of July – A track on extended line „B“ from Filiálna station to Tehelné pole is opened.
31st of July – Signing of a new agreement with the city.
Wood-gas generator powered buses are put to use.
Transformation of tram line at Račiždorfská rd.
Redemption of stock majority of Local electric railway Bratislava – country border.
Purchase of two TATRA type buses and a tour bus.
16th of December – Bus line „R“: Republika sq. – Dunajská – Miletičova is launched.
1st of January – BMEŽ (Bratislava Urban Railway Co.) and AUTOBUS Bratislava has reduced fare by 20 – 25 %.
1st of February – Fare adjustment on long-distance lines „F“ and „L“.
1st of January – BEÚS has taken over the Local electric railway Bratislava – country border.
29th of July – Beginning of transformation of the standard gauge railway Bratislava – country border to a narrow gauge railway from the border to Danube bridge.
During the transformation a temporary substitute transport by buses of „K“ line 28th of October sq. (Ľ. Štúr sq.) – Savoy – Štúrova – Starý bridge – Petržalka – Kopčianska rd. – state border – Berg (Vienna).
5th of January – The service on tram line „E“: Fochova st. (Medená) – Starý bridge – Petržalka – Kopčianska rd. – state border – Berg (Vienna).
12 modern buses are ordered.
Part of tram „B“ line is transformed to double-track line by placing the second poling with ČSD line.
Transformation of tram lines at Republika sq. and placing of so called third station track has begun.
7th of October – Shut-down of service to Petržalka. „E“: Fochova st. – Kopčianska rd. – state border (tram). „L“: Republika sq. – Petržalka – Štefánikova st. (bus).
23rd of September – Declaration of general mobilization.
Restoration and expansion of the bus fleet by 10 buses MAN and more ŠKODA buses are decommissioned.
14th of July – Commission by the Department of transport and railway public works was issued for advance works to build up trolley operation.
Elaboration of a study proposing to replace bus lines „M“, „P“ and „H“ with trolley operation.
14 trolleybuses are ordered. Bus depot expands to 60 vehicles.
Transformation of electric powered carriages in own workshops (license no. 101, 105, 108, 109).
Customization of bus bodies for left hand drive.
November – Reconstruction of line „A“ in front of Main station and completing the access road to station redevelopment.
Commencement of advance works on lines M and P, installation of trolley-lines and converter substation. 
6th of March – Planning permission for trolley operation is issued.
7th of July – Test drive of the six commissioned MAN - Siemens trolleybuses, license no. 61-66.
26th of July – Technical/Police inspection of trolleybus line „M“: Theatre – Main station and extensions of this line through Dostojevský rad to carriage house of the electric railway.
30th of July – Measurement no. 684/8-III-1941 was issued by the Department of transport and public works – authorization of trolley operation on line “M” and its extension to carriage house on 31.7.1941.
31th of July – Grand opening of trolley operation in Bratislava.
26th of September – Technical/Police test of trolleybus line „P“.
1st of October – Opening of the second trolleybus line „P“: Hotel Cetral – Patrónka.
Merge of tram lines Cd and Ck into line C: Karlova Ves – Dynamitka.
Planned expansion of the fleet and submission of an order for 15 tow carriages. 
Three older powered carriages were transformed to tow carriages.
Replacements of current collectors bow for current collectors pantograph are finished.
The service after 22:00 was reduced and some stops cancelled in December due to cost cuts on carriages and fuels.
31st of December – Liquidation of Local electric railway Bratislava – Country border, stock company is finished.
Delivery of tow carriages ordered in 1941at austrian wagon-works Simmering – Gratz – Pauker. Tow carriages with coupling gear Compact got license no. 101 to 115.
16th of November – Opening of another trolleybus line „H“: Červený kríž – Hodžovo sq. – Koliba.
Construction of line „B“ extension from Štúr barracks (Nová Doba) through Vajnorská rd. to colony Zátišie (together 1,2 km) is finished. 
1st of January – Numeric marking of lines: trams „1“, „2“, „3“, trolleybuses „11“, „12“, „13“, buses „21“, „22“, „23“, „24“.
1st of April – A tram line „2z“: Savoy – Zátišie is launched.
16th of November – Bombing of Bratislava.
Construction of provisional depots for trolleybuses at Hroboňova st., for buses at Mlynská dolina (Železná studnička) and warehouses at Danube quay.
Services are being reduced and lines „22“ and „F“ shut-down due to insufficiency of fuels and tires.  
29th of March – Shut-down of urban public transport (MHD) due to advance of the front line.
4th of April – Liberation of Bratislava by the Soviet army.
3rd of May – Tram servise on line 3: Karlová Ves – Dynamitka is resumed.
27th of October – The first bus line F: Danube bridge – Prievoz is resumed.
4th of March – The first bus line „24“: Filiálna station – Trnávka is resumed.
18th of March – The service of trolleybus lines „12“: Hotel Centrál – Patrónka and „13“: Červený kríž – Koliba are resumed.
1st of December – Unified ticket for 2,50 Kčs is introduced.
1st of May – The service of MHD until midnight is resumed.
1st of September - Bus lines to suburban districts „D“: Patrónka – Dúbravka, „Dn“: Karlova Ves – Devín, „L“: Patrónka – Lamač, „V“: Zátišie – Dvorník (Vajnory) are launched.
15th of October – Construction of single-track loop for trams at Main station.
Construction of double-track line Rybné sq. – Karlová Ves.
1st of January – Transport works of the capital city Bratislava – DOZÁB are established.
31st of May – Administration of Danube ferry (Propeler) is passed to DOZÁB.
10th of May – The first woman tram drivers.
28th of April – A service through old Danube bridge to Petržalka by extended line „4“: Nová Doba – Petržalka – Sad have started.
1st of May – The first woman ticket-inspectors.
5th of September – Double-track triangle at SNP sq. is finished; line „2“: Main station – Mierová kolónia is redirected.
 25th of April – Double-track line transformation from Dynamitka section Stollwerck – State hospital is finished.
20th of May – A new line „5“: Karlova Ves – Main station.
10th of October – Tram loop at Gaštanový háj (Railway station Vinohrady) is put to use.
1st of January – Modification of alphabetical marking to numerical on lines to suburban districts: „P“ – „25“, „Pk“ – „26“, „Ph“ – „27“, „Po“ – „28“, „Dn“ – „29“, „D“ – „30/D“, „L“ – „30/L“, „R“ – „31“, „V“ – „32“, „Ž“ – „33“.
30. júna – Double-track triangle Štúrova st. - Jesenského st. is being finished.
1st of July – Council of Central National Committee renamed DOZÁB to Bratislava City Transport Company (DPMB).
November – Second track in tram loop at Main station is finished.
20th of December – A service on the extended trolleybus line „12“: Patrónka – Military hospital is launched.
Extension of the tram line „6“ in Karlova Ves and construction of tram loop. 
1st of July – Extension of a tram line up to Jurajov dvor. Modification of tram line „2“ to Main station, introduction of a new line „7“: Karlova Ves – Nová Doba.
1st of October – A service on a new trolleybus line „18“: Trnavské mýto – Prievoz is launched. 
2nd of May – A service on a new trolleybus line „17“: Šulekova – Ružová dolina is launched.
5th of September – A new bus line „23“: Šafárikovo sq. – Košická – Miletičova – Račianske mýto – Main station is launched.
1st of April – Shut-down of tram operation via old Danube bridge.
1st of October – Self-service lines are launched. 
New transport works at Trnávka.
11th of April – Tram line 6: Karlova Ves – Šafárikovo sq. is shut-down. 
1st of December – Trolleybus line 16: Šafárikovo sq. – Prievoz is shut-down. 
1st of September – The service on a junction line towards Railway station Nové mesto is launched.
1st of January – An extended tram line Gaštanový hájik (Railway station Vinohrady) – Rača (Detvianska st.) is launched.
5th of October – Bus lines through the city are launched; lines are merged „26“ + „35“ as „26“ and „39“ + „42“ as „39“.
4th of April – Bus lines to suburban areas „D“: Októbrové sq. (Župné) – Devínska Nová Ves are launched.
New transport works are opened in Krasňany.
15th of February – Trolleybus line 11: Račianske mýto – National theatre is shut-down. 
First mass buses - IKARUS
11th of February – Trolleybus line „11“: Gottwaldovo sq. – Patrónka is shut-down; line „13“: Prokopa – Veľkého st. – Búdková is partially shut-down and line „12“: Gottwaldovo sq. (Liberty sq.) – Vlárska is launched.
31st of May – The last day of twin-axle bogie electric carriages and tow carriages on line „4“. 
1st of April – Noncash payment system with no transfer tariff is introduced. 
7th of May – Redirection of trolleybus lines „13“, „14“, „15“, „17“ to Obchodná st. due to construction of a grade-separated junction at Hodžovo sq.
3rd of August – A new modern trolleybus depot on Hroboňova street is put to use. 
16th of August – Tram service via Štefánikova st. to Main station is shut-down; changes in bus and tram lines.
2nd of January – Operation on a new tram route is launched. – cross-wind axis through Štefánikova st. to Main station by lines „2“ and „3“.
2nd of January – Line „6“: Ľ.Štúr sq. – Railway station Nové mesto is resumed and a new tram line „10“: Ľ.Štúr sq.- Jurajov dvor is launched.
3rd of March – A new tram line 11: Ľ.Štúr sq. – Račianske mýto – Rača is launched.
6th of July – Second track connection east – west I. part through Obchodná street is opened. Lines „1“, „5“, „6“, „7“ are changed.
1st of September – II. part of track connection east – west through tunnel is opened.
23rd of September – Extension of line Karlova Ves – Dúbravka up to Hanulova street via M. Sch. Trnavského street is opened.
28th of May – Temporary trolleybus line „210“: Búdková – Pilárikova is opened until 27.8.1984.
12th of April – Operation on extended route Karlova Ves – Dúbravka – Pri Kríži with lines no. „1“ and „12“ launched; Tram line „15“: Hanulova - Vazovova is shut-down.
1st of January – Establishment of Transport companies of the capital city of SSR (Socialist Republic of Slovakia) Bratislava, concern; incorporation of Transport works of the capital city of SSR Bratislava, concern.
11th of January – Snow-storm.
21st of May – Tram line Rača – Detvianska – Rača-Komisárky is opened.
1st of July – Tram line Jurajov dvor – Zlaté piesky is opened.
1st of July – Transport company Bratislava (DPB), state-owned enterprise.
Delivery of articulated joint trolleybuses ŠKODA - SANOS and ŠKODA 15 Tr.
Delivery of TAM-BUS buses.
6th of April – Trolleybus line „218“: Main station – Dolné hony is launched.
23rd of December – Tram line „14“: Main station – Railway station Nové mesto is shut-down.
Delivery of new trams T6 A5.
4th of April – Tram line „13“: Main station – Ľ.Štúr sq. is shut-down.
26th of June – Farewell travel by trolleybuses ŠKODA 9 Tr. (license no. 152 a 6053) took place.
4th of October – Trolleybus line „211“: Military hospital – Kramáre – Bus station Mlynské nivy is changed; „213“: Hodža sq. – Kramáre. „217“: Gaštanová - Hodža sq. - Ružová dolina. New trolleybus line „219“: Valašská – Trnavská – Hanácka st.
So called unified line interval is put to use on tram lines – 12 min. throughout the whole day during the weekdays, 20 min. in the evenings, 15 min. on Saturdays and Sundays.
18th of April – First cut-down of bus services.
5th of September – A new trolleybus line „209“: Valašská – Račianske mýto – Jelačičova.
New three-track tram loop is put to use at Rača – Komisárky.
5th of September – Second cut-down of bus services.
1st of October – New organizational structure, Transport company Bratislava, PLC (Dopravný podnik Bratislava, a. s.) is established.
One hundred years of urban mass transport in Bratislava.
Return to IKARUS buses delivery.
Changes in organization of night lines – lines „501“ – „516“ (later up to „518“).
Introduction of the zonal labeling system of bus lines.
Reconstruction of track lines on Kamenné sq., Krížna and Ružinovská st.
90 years of trolleybus transport in Bratislava.
23rd of December – Changes in organization of trolleybus transport. Lines „201“ – „212“.
1st of January – Through tariff system is launched.
10th of January – Changes in organization of bus transport.